Installation Tutorial

Start your elephant robot collaboration journey with easy four steps!

You will receive two boxes: (1) controller and panel box & (2) Robot arm box.   You will see the Robot arm, once you open the box that contains it.

  • Remove the mounting plate and put it on the table. Then fix the left and right sides with a G-clip, and finally fix the G-clip.
  • Remove the manipulator arm and put it on the mounting plate and screw it with four M8 screws.
  • Place the chassis on the desktop and take out the cable(power supply cable)and connect the arm and chassis to the cable.
  • Insert the cable that connects the arm and chassis into the arm interface.

Manual drag demonstration: adjust the arm to the normal position.

User tutorial

Features Introduction


Free Move Function

J6 Button

Pattern Function

Quick Move Function

Detailed video tutorials could help you easily start the journey of using collaborative robots!

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