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LIMO Cobot is a desktop mobile robot platform jointly launched by Elephant Robotics and AgileX Robotics. Based on Elephant Robotics' 6-axis collaborative robotic arm, myCobot 280 M5, and AgileX Robotics' latest grasping robotic product, LIMO PRO, it integrates 3 major functions: mobility, collaboration, and intelligence. It is suitable for various applications, including education, competitions, and training.

Mobile Grasping

LIMO Cobot is equipped with a 6-axis robotic arm that supports various end-effectors, enabling precise mobile grasping to meet different task requirements.


Autonomous Mapping

LIMO Cobot is capable of autonomously sensing and constructing accurate environmental maps, providing accurate data support for the robot’s navigation in complex spaces.

Obstacle Avoidance

LIMO Cobot can intelligently perceive its surrounding environment and flexibly navigate to avoid obstacles, ensuring safe task execution.


Open-Source Support

LIMO Cobot supports ROS, Gazebo, Raviz and mainstream programming languages like Python and C++, making development flexible and accessible.


The mobile base of LIMO Cobot incorporates advanced sensors such as the EAI T-mini Pro LiDAR, Orbbec Dabai depth camera, and IMU, ensuring exceptional control performance. It utilizes 4 hub motors for excellent stability and maneuverability, allowing smooth movement in various terrain environments. More importantly, it can switch between 4 modes based on terrain requirements: Ackermann, Four-wheel differential steering, Tracked steering, and Omni-directional steering. This
is a functionality that other mobile robots do not possess.



Four-wheel differential steering


Tracked steering


Omni-directional steering


myCobot 280 M5

LIMO Cobot is equipped with Elephant Robotics' 6-axis collaborative robotic arm, myCobot 280 M5, forming a compound robot.
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The myCobot 280 M5 has a weight of 850g, a payload of 250g, and an effective working radius of 280mm. Despite its compact size, it boasts powerful functionality. It can be equipped with various end effectors to adapt to diverse application scenarios. Supporting secondary development with multiple platform software, it caters to various needs in research and education, smart home applications, commercial exploration, and more. With different end effectors, it can achieve a variety of applications.
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LIMOPRO 1 20240116
LIMO PRO integrates the NVIDIA Orin Nano alongside the EAI T-mini Pro LiDAR and Orbbec Dabai depth camera. This enables robust environmental perception and intelligence for autonomous navigation, obstacle avoidance, SLAM mapping, mobile grasping, and visual recognition applications.
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Mobile grasping

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Autonomous navigation

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Visual recognition

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SLAM mapping


LIMO Cobot is equipped with the open-source robotic software platform ROS 2, providing rich development tools and libraries for LIMO robots and assisting users in rapid learning and development of robotic applications. It supports various development tools such as RViz, Nav2, Gazebo, and more.
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OnlineVideoTurorials 20240116

Online Video Turorials

Providing a dynamic and visual learning experience, guiding users through various functionalities and applications of our robots.

Text-based Tutorials

Offering in-depth text explanations, ensuring that users can delve into the intricacies of the robotic arms and operating them easily.

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