Elephant Robotics®P Series

Versatile Assistant, Safe Helper

Universal / Agile / Cost Effective

For Comprehensive Industrial Application and Commercial Scenario


Working Radius




±0.05 mm




Elephant Robotics®P Series is a kind of universal 6-axis collaborative robots developed by Elephant Robotics, which has two versions of payload 3kg and 5kg (“P3/P5” for short). Adapted with various end-effectors, Elephant Robotics®P Series can complete various tasks, such as assembly, handling, testing, etc. Elephant Robotics®P3/P5 can meet the automation requirements of various industries like 3C, metal processing, scientific research, medical, auto industry and etc.


Agile and Universal


Cost Effective

Easy programing

Easy Programming


Collaborative and Safe

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Universal and More Agile

With ingenious structure design, Elephant Robotics®P series have a ±360° working range, which are suitable for flexible manufacturing. Because of the modular design, types of spare parts are decreased and it is easier to change the joint if necessary. Much more convenient to install and maintain. What’s more, Elephant Robotics®P series have the advantages of compact structure, easy processing and flexible installation, so that you can easily integrate Elephant Robotics®P3/P5 into your existing production system without changing your production layout.


High Quality and Cost-Effective

Based on the strong cost controllability of Elephant Robotics, P series are high quality and cost-effective. Companies can enjoy a cost-effective, flexible, and safe automation solution for a wide range of production tasks. Upgrade your production lines with Elephant Robotics®P series can reduce enterprise production time and resource consumption. For example,the power consumption of P series is only 1/10 of traditional industrial robot.

Safe and Collaborative

Based on the efficient and exact collision detection algorithm, Elephant Robotics®P3/P5 can stop immediately when the slight collision is perceived. No need to install a protective barrier. Safety of personnel is guaranteed. Customized protection units are also accepted, such as Lidar, Light Curtains, etc.

Easy Programming,Open and Friendly

Elephant Robotics®P series are using the same operation system “RoboFlow” developed by Elephant Robotics:

  • Operators with no programming experience can quickly set up and operate our cobots
  • Simply move the robot arm to desired waypoints or touch the arrow keys on the easy-to-use touchscreen tablet
  • API can be integrated with any programming language, SDK: Python, C++, Java
  • Offline programming and extension on ROS
  • Supports various function modules, processing package is constantly updated 
Nipic 886

Operators with no programming experience can quickly set up and operate our cobots


Panda 5tran

working range

Elephant Robotics®P5
working range (mm)​

Top view

WS panda5 顶视

Lateral view

WS panda5 侧视

Elephant Robotics®P3
working range (mm)​

Top view

WS panda3 顶视

Lateral view

WS panda3 侧视


Elephant Robotics can help you achieve automation, improve your productivity, quality and safety level in a timely and cost-cutting manner.

3C electronics

Injection Molding

Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industry

Automobile Industry

Metal Processing

Education & Scientific Research

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Elephant Robotics®P3/P5
User Manual

This manual describes the precautions for proper installation and use of the Catbot.


Elephant Robotics®P3/P5

The technical specifications parameters of the Panda3/5.


RoboFlow Operation and Programming Manual

This manual describes the issues to be aware of when operating and programming a Robot.