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Software Downloads


myStudio 2.0

myStudio, a one-stop service platform, integrates myCobot software resources and various materials.
The main functions are:
1) Support firmware download and update;
2) Provide video tutorials on product use;
3) Maintenance/repair information;


RoboFlow is a human-machine interactive operating software, developed by Elephant Robtics to facilitate users to quickly master the operation and use of the robotic arm, and help users to efficiently complete the robotic arm control and programming work through a simple operation process.

RoboFlow 1

From August 15, 2022, ElephantRobotics will no longer maintain the roboflow software of the consumer robot arm, and will stop relevant support and after-sales service. You can use myBlockly and other programming languages when developing consumer robots. We are very sorry for the inconvenience.



myBlockly is an visual programming software, a graphical programming language, suitable for beginners to learn programming. Users develop applications by simply drag and drop to create complex functions.

Elephant Luban

Elephant Luban is a platform that generates the G-Code track, and provides basic cases for users. Users can select multiple functions including precise writing and drawing, laser engraving, etc.

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MyCobot Controller

MyCobot Controller is an APP that controls the myCobot 280 via Bluetooth. You can use this app to control the robot to move as you want.
If you're an Android user, go to [Google Play Store], or download it on our website. If you are an IOS user, please wait for the software to be released.

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Downloading the System Image

Product Name System Version Download Link SHA256 Hash
AI Kit 280 ubuntu 18.04 Download >> 7d666466144eba7c50c1355c4b0c802fe795f570a78a8019bf8118c16ce7d754
myCobot 280 PI ubuntu 18.04 Download >> 04e40af5b637ec003a8b23ef9012e353361fd336db4e17cf9a65feb75e92927e
ubuntu 20.04 Download >> 1a0923595cdb277ee57fb8c98b215c5ad441ee51cbfb8680a7f2b5d2749286ab
myCobot 280 JetsonNano ubuntu 18.04 Download >> 2f1e40c1480b077bcc83abd3b79ac175f25d21e9cc344a014636167ee2eb087c
ubuntu 20.04 Download>> 234bfc496c01802f934385b8c589185eb86f990133575d74014f5865d3cb6074
myCobot 320 PI ubuntu 18.04 Download >>
ubuntu 20.04 Download >>
mechArm 270 ubuntu 18.04 Download >> 9af1fcbf9c608eda269dc395a8d68ea0a270008a88ec8ec3cf97758371a11178
ubuntu 20.04 Download >> ca8042d2b797f72b6aedb9ba9fdf619db76b8245996748be9e1c2334c1a4c06a
myPalletizer 260 ubuntu 18.04 Download >> f6fe999519146428e4c60960b242f647ae5c73c704852d686b28580b3a3f695d
ubuntu 20.04 Download >> 04ebbad80926bc7b5d94a4ecb6e64a2205babb1564af07dd45266cb0fc143845
myCobot Pro 600 Raspberry Debian Download >> 2e73aaa153bddbf0a49d18669a254b27403f17f8e989c05d13836d7c1f8bd4d9
myBuddy 280 ubuntu 20.04 Download >> 2b5452f665bcb999faf1727b2103dc1e5745705f5706728e140d62906b099920
myAGV ubuntu 18.04 Download >> bedad7d9769cb69380c6a4b9742ba7aefc21db41ab239172b7a5a7b632453baa
myArm 300 Pi ubuntu 20.04 Download >>  1325433fec7ec7d028f468315a832210fd9ce004a6dd07eb859afc7d7a258425

Other Downloads

arduino 2



software 3

Software and Firmware



M5 Basic Driver

M5 New Basic Driver