myArm M&C Series Robots


myArm M750

myArm C650

myArm M&C Teleoperation Robotic Arm Kit

myArm M&C Embodied Humanoid Robot Compound Kit

myArm M&C Quadruped Bionic Robot Compound Kit

Features and Applications

The myArm series robots consist of multiple high-performance devices designed specifically for simulating and validating
scenarios in education, scientific research, and commercial exploration. Each product offers precise control and highly modular configurations, making them essential for everything from basic educational purposes to advanced research projects.

Education and Research

The myArm series robots are designed specifically for education and research, supporting applications ranging from basic to advanced robotics. They offer precise operation and data collection capabilities, making them suitable for teleoperation, algorithm validation, and complex educational demonstrations in laboratory environments.


Creative Development

The myArm series robots provide a versatile development platform that allows creative developers to explore intelligent navigation and multitasking capabilities of robots. These robotic arms are ideal for developing experiments and simulation validations, such as automation control, human-machine interaction, and path planning.

Commercial Exploration

The myArm series robots offer advanced simulation and validation capabilities, suitable for simulating complex operations and validating new algorithms in commercial environments. They serve as ideal tools for verifying robot application scenarios, simulating disaster relief and other high-risk operations, reducing risks associated with actual operations, and lowering the costs of commercial validation.


Software Programming

The myArm series robots are highly valuable in the fields of education and research, particularly within the widely used development environments of Python and ROS (Robot Operating System). These environments provide robust support, enabling the myArm series robots to be extensively utilized in machine learning, artificial intelligence research, complex motion control, and visual processing tasks.
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All-in-One Robot Firmware Management Platform
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myArm M&C Teleoperation Robotic Arm Kit

Robot arm teleoperation real-time control kit

myArm M&C Embodied Humanoid Robot Compound Kit

Embodied humanoid dual-arm remote-controlled
robot control kit

myArm C650

Universal 6-degree-of-freedom robot motion information collection device

myArm M750

Universal intelligent 6-degree-of-freedom robotic arm

myArm M&C Quadruped Bionic Robot Compound Kit

Universal quadruped manipulator composite robot kit