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So far, we have 3 series of cobots: Elephant, Panda and Catbot. Both Elephant and Panda are suitable for industrial areas, while Catbot is designed For commercial purpose and scientific research. The payload of Elephant5 is 5kg, Panda3 is 3kg, Panda5 is 5kg, Catbot is 3kg.

Products of  Elephant Robotics are using the operating system “RoboFlow” developed by Elephant Robtics, which is easy to operate smoothly.Simply move the robot arm to desired waypoints or touch the arrow keys on the easy-to-use touchscreen tablet. What’s more, the interface is simple and clear. Operators with no programming experience can quickly set up and operate our cobots. We also support custom programming and secondary development.

API can be integrated with any programming language, SDK: Python, C++, Java. See programming materials on the page ”Downloads”. 

Support offline programming and extension on ROS.

Based on the efficient and exact collision detection algorithm, products of Elephant Robotics can stop immediately when the slight collision is perceived. No need to install a protective barrier. Safety of personnel is guaranteed. Customized protection units are also accepted, such as Lidar, Light Curtains, etc.

Response will be made within 24 hours for all the problems customers put forward. If you need any technical support, feel free to email

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