The World’s First Bionic Robotic Cat:


MarsCat is Launched in Indiegogo Now!


MarsCat walks, runs, sleeps, sits, stretches, bites nails, kneads and even buries litter although she won’t produce any waste. Sometimes she may do some amazing things that surprise you and make your day! No need to worry about her if you don’t have time to be with her.


MarsCat is a purrfect cat who enjoys spending quality time playing with you. She can feel you, hear you and comfort you in her own way. Interactions are joyful. She can be a good companion.


MarsCat has 6 characters which can be changed. She may be enthusiastic or aloof, energetic or lazy, social or shy. Her personality develops through the way you raise her. MarsCat will be more active if you interact with her more. If you barely respond to her and try to play with her later, she may ignore you and you need to please her until she feels “happy”.


Built on an open source platform, you can program MarsCat easily and give her endless possibilities. Apart from Raspberry Pi kit, we integrate open source modules like vision and haptic, microcontroller, gyro sensor and etc. You can make an incredible MarsCat yourself.

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