Elephant Robotics®C3

Small Body, Big Dream

All-in-One | Voice Control | Cloud Programming

For commercial purpose and scientific research


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Elephant Robotics®C3 is the latest all-in-one 6-axis collaborative robot from Elephant Robotics, aiming for the perfect assistant in commercial scenarios and scientific research. With a modular and compact body, Elephant Robotics®C3 can save you tons on maintenance costs. This versatile robotic arm features two creative functions ”Voice Control” and “Cloud Programming” , it also supports custom programming and secondary development. What's more, you can operate it through a computer, a Pad or a phone, no need to use an extra teach pendant.


All in One


Voice Control


Collaborative and Safe

cloud programming

Cloud Programming

catbot safe

All in One, Portable and Practical

Compared to traditional cobots,the total weight of Elephant Robotics®C3 is only 18kg, making it more portable and convenient. It is well established for its flexible operations, powerful functions and plug and play. You can enjoy Elephant Robotics®C3’s intelligence in both commercial scenarios and scientific research conveniently.

Voice Control, Super Efficient

With voice control function, you can interact with Elephant Robotics®C3 conveniently. You can ask Elephant Robotics®C3 about its condition and command it to start or stop the program by voice. Much easier and much more efficient when using Elephant Robotics®C3.


Cloud Programming, Anytime and Anywhere

No need to use an extra teach pendant, you can operate Elephant Robotics®C3 through a computer, a Pad or a phone. Programming becomes easier.Elephant Robotics®C3 is using the operate system developed by Elephant Robotics which is user friendly and compatible——API can be integrated with any programming language, SDK supports Python, C++, Java;offline programming and extension on ROS are supported;Various function modules, processing package is constantly updated in RoboFlow…


Collaborative and Safe,
Enjoy Creation

Elephant Robotics®C3 can be equipped with various end effectors and you can quickly replace the end effector according to your need.Elephant Robotics®C3 is designed for creation and  more applications are waiting for your discovery. As for safety, Elephant Robotics®C3 can stop immediately when the slight collision is perceived based on the efficient and exact collision detection algorithm. No need to install a protective barrier. 


catbot render

working range

Elephant Robotics®C3
working range (mm)​

Top view

WS catbot 顶视

Lateral view

WS catbot 侧视

Elephant Robotics®C3
product details

0816 1

Base Detail

01 1

End-effector Detail


Elephant Robotics®C3 can be applied in commercial scenarios, scientific research, education scenarios, medical scenarios, showing case scenarios and etc. At present, we have received remarkable feedbacks from our customers, including Global 500 Companies, famous universities and institutions.

Smart barista to enlarge your business, can be applied in various commercial scenarios


Perfect helper in photographic studio, much more accurate and stable


Replace repetitive work, produce efficiently, create more value


Continuously print out photos, the perfect combination of artistic creation and robot


Helpful assistant in workshop, human and robot collaboration, infinite creativity


Compact All-In-One design, super fit in AGV solutions, much more flexible

Outstanding Clients

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Elephant Robotics®C3
User Manual

This manual describes the precautions for proper installation and use of the Panda series robot.


Elephant Robotics®C3

The technical specifications parameters of the Catbot.


RoboFlow Operation and Programming Manual

This manual describes the issues to be aware of when operating and programming a Robot.