myArm 300 Pi 2023

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Product Features & Applications

Powered by Raspberry Pi 4B, paired with Elephant Robotics' customized Ubuntu Mate 20.04 OS, myArm 300 Pi offers a PC-like experience. No need for an external PC control; connect a monitor, keyboard, and mouse for easy use. Ideal for robotics education, control logic teaching, robot applications, and ROS simulation classes. A perfect assistant for 7-axis robotic arm learning and application.

Educational Research

myArm offers 7 degrees of freedom, surpassing 6-DOF robots, allowing movements as flexible as a human arm. With built-in interfaces, it supports advanced elbow joint posture changes. Ideal for practical teaching in robot posture research, motion path planning, redundancy management, kinematics, ROS development, robot application development, programming, and data processing.

Creative Development

myArm robot is designed to be 100% compatible with myCobot accessories, ensuring perfect adaptability in structure installation and software control. It expands the application scenarios of the myArm robot. With almost 100% open hardware interfaces for Raspberry Pi 4B and M5Atom, users can pair it with personal Raspberry Pi 4B and M5Atom accessories for customized development.

Business Exploration

myArm robotic arm supports integration with other upper-level machines, including PCs, industrial control terminals, and mobile AGV chassis, suitable for various application scenarios. It supports multiple connection control methods, both wired and wireless, meeting the needs of complex projects. Paired with different terminals, myArm can be used in various scenarios like robot application model displays, educational teaching kit displays, industrial 4.0 application displays, and composite robot application displays.


diameter 2

Working Radius


load 1

Degree of freedom


Raspi PGB001 300x267 1

Raspberry Pi


Camera Support


APP Control



游戏手柄 2

Gamepad control

ros 1


ros 2









Practical Teaching


Advanced Configuration

Robust product configuration meets your embedded development needs: button interaction, screen display, buzzer, IO interface. Everything you think of can be developed.

Custom Robot OS

System developed over three years, it offers a near-desktop PC experience. The myArm system not only has built-in environments like ROS1/2 and Python but also features robot development software like VSCode, VNC, and SSH. No complicated configurations needed. It also offers automated update software, supporting one-click updates for the corresponding development environment. Simplifying the process makes robot applications easier.

CPU: 64-bit 1.5GHz 4Core (28nm)

GPU:Broadcom VideoCore vl@50OM

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Easy Robot Programming

Offers myBlockly, a drag-and-drop programming software for beginners. With block-based programming and graphical debugging tools, even novices can easily control the robotic arm. Python 2/3 development environment supports various development driver libraries like OpenCV, QT, and pymycobot. It meets advanced development needs in robot control, image recognition, and frontend development.




ROS Simulation Support

Offers multi-version support for ROS1 and ROS2. With consistent extension support across versions, it provides RVIZ and MOVEIT demo cases under different versions, meeting users' in-depth development needs.

myAGV + myArm Combo

Mobile chassis + robotic arm development combo. Start collaborative robot projects at a low cost, including SLAM mapping, autonomous navigation, ROS development environment, 7-axis collaborative robot control, visual recognition, and inter-device communication.
agv en


A one-stop robotic application platform
myStudio provides various functions and tutorials for users, such as installation of robotic driver, robotic firmware updating, user mannul, video tutorials, etc.

Versatile Accessories

Dozens of accessories like adaptive grippers, camera flanges, and suction pumps to help you fully unleash your creative ideas with myCobot.

Adaptive gripper


Parallel gripper


Flexible gripper


Dexterous hand


Vertical suction pump


Dual vacuum gripper


Pen holder


Mobile phone holder


Camera module


Cylindrical flange


G base

2 1

Large suction cup base


myArm 300 Pi 2023

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