Mercury B1 Humanoid Robot


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Mercury B1 - Dual-arm Semi-
humanoid Robot


Mercury B1 is equipped with two A1 seven-axis robotic
arms with a total of 17 degrees of freedom, capable of independent operation of one arm and cooperative operation of both arms; the head is equipped with a
9-inch high-definition LCD touch screen, which supports multi-point control and user customization. Expression display;Diverse Software Ecosystem.

Empowering Embodied Intelligence with Powerful Computing


Mercury half-humanoid robot B1 uses the new NVIDIA Jetson Xavier edge computing core as the main control module. The AI performance of up to 21TOPS combined with the integrated 3D camera can complete 2D/3D
machine vision guidance, grabbing and VR remote operation.

AI Empowers Brand New Experiences


As the earliest robot brand adapted to ChatGPT for Robotics, Mercury B1 has a built-in high-definition
linear microphone array, supports real-time voice collection, and will bring a new experience of AI voice intelligent recognition interaction.

Diverse Software Ecosystem


The Mercury robot series adheres to the open source tradition of Elephant software and supports a rich software ecosystem and mainstream programming languages. It also supports mainstream simulation software including ROS, Moveit, Gazebo and Mujoco to improve the autonomous learning and rapid iteration capabilities of machine intelligence.
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Support secondary development


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Python API - pymycobot

pymycobot is a general-purpose Python control library designed to support several elephant robots The robot provides a simple and flexible interface to facilitate developers to enter the robot
Line control.

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C++ API - Mercury

The Mercury API is a C++ control interface designed specifically for the Mercury robot. Simple and easy to use, it provides flexible control of robot joints, attitude and actuators, helping developers quickly implement different systems Robot-like applications.


integrated algorithms to create

For the first time, the Mercury robot product series integrates seven intelligent algorithms to overall improve the kinematics and dynamics performance of the robotic arm, suppress vibration, and ensure smooth coordination of both arms. Deep integration with vision, laser and voice sensors creates three-dimensional machine intelligence in an all-round way with the support of LLM.

Unleash the power of Mercury effortlessly




The built-in "myPanel" of the Mercury A1 robotic arm is paired with a two-inch touch screen to enable rapid teaching, programming, deployment and debugging of the robotic arm without any additional hardware equipment.



The new myBlockly innovatively develops a dual editing column function, which can be used to quickly
program the left and right arms with preset shortcut commands, achieving efficient collaboration of 1+1>2.


VR Remote Manipulation


Combined with the Mercury VR Remote Manipulation (MVRM) developed by the latest meta Quest3, it can achieve low-latency VR real-time control and provide a new robot solution for special dangerous occasions.

expands unlimited scenarios



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VR Teleoperation

Enrich the hardware ecosystem

Thercury robot series provides complete accessories, including various grippers and suction pumps,and can be used with
both 2D and 3D vision combinations to truly realize the "hand-eye integration" of the robot.