Artificial Intelligence Kit 2023


Artificial intelligence education platform

The Artificial Intelligence Kit 2023 is newly upgraded with 5 major visual recognition algorithms and 7 hardware updates, supporting 6 robotic arms of Elephant Robotics. Users can learn major robotics knowledge from 8 perspectives and use visualization software with this kit. It can achieve positioning, grabbing, and automatic sorting. Based on the Python platform, the control of the robotic arm can be realized through the software. Users can learn the basics of artificial intelligence, inspire innovative creation, and enjoy the open source creative culture with AI Kit 2023.

The Artificial Intelligence Kit 2023 has good expandability and high openness, and can be used for multiple purposes. It can be easily used for higher education training platforms, robotics study and research, or personal learning and project development.


major visual recognition

AI kit has 5 built-in main visual recognition algorithms and users can use different colored wooden blocks and different shaped cards for the recognition function. Also, users can use 4 types of QR CODE recognition to learn the relationship between 2D and 3D. Feature point recognition helps users learn to understand image segmentation and features and learn YOLOv5 algorithm quickly.

Color recognition


Shape recognition


Feature point recognition


YOLOv5 recognition


AR code recognition

It is compatible with 6 robotic arms of Elephant Robotics, supports M5Stack and Raspberry Pi versions.

Vision education kit What can you learn?

  • OpenCV
  • Python
  • ROS
  • Inverse kinematics

  • Hand-eye calibration
  • Robot vision
  • Robot control principle
  • End-effector use

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icon 03


ros 3


icon 04

Inverse kinematics



icon 06

Robot vision

icon 05

Robot control principle

icon 07

End-effector use

Kit components

★ 1. Small bin x4
2. Big bin
3. Camera extrusion stand x2
4. Camera
☆ 5. Accessories pack
6. Black and white velcro
7. Arm base
8. Suction pump
☆ 9.Suction pump connection wire
☆ 10.Image cards&Wooden blocks
11. Acrylic plate

Physical Star: Represents a hardware upgrade


Visualization software

The Artificial Intelligence Kit 2023 supports visual software operation, provides customized and simple operation methods. Users can quickly start the artificial intelligence learning journey.

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Unpacking video