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myCobot Pro is a commercial 6-axis robot developed by Elephant Robotics, compact but powerful, simple to operate, and has a weight of 3kg, a payload of 1kg and a working radius of 320mm.

With three mainly strengths and characteristics of Usability, Security and Economy, myCobot Pro is the cost-effective choice of automated production, can quickly deploy on the production line and entail human-robot collaboration in close proximity safety, effectively reducing cost and increasing efficiency for enterprises.

6-axis collaborative robot

Powerful performance &
Equipped with 2 Screens

  • Coupled with Brushless DC Industrial Motor, can achieve ±0.3mm repeated positioning accuracy
  • Carries two display screens supporting M5STACK Ecological Application, effectively expand your collaborative application space

Open Resource, Easy to Operate
and Programming

  • Operators with no programming experience can quickly use the robot by free move and UIFlow visual programming
  • Supports various of development environments such as ROS, moveit and RoboFlow developed by Elephant Robotics.

Economical & High Cost Performance

  • With standard 8-hour work, myCobot prois a perfect choice for high-repetitive, standard assembly line work
  • As a cost-effective 6-axis commercial robot arm, it is suitable for business that require both low cost and high performance to cut down cost and boost efficiency

Integrated Modular Design &
Safe Cooperation

  • The compact design allows it to make full use of the production space and perfectly blend into  the production environment
  • Based on the efficient and exact collision detection algorithm, myCobot pro can work safely with people


modelmycobot Pro-320
Joints rangeJ1 +/- 170°;
J2 +/- 160°;
J3 +/- 160°;
J4 +/- 160°;
J5 +/- 170°;
J6 +/- 175°;
IP LevelIP42
MaterialIndustrial Nylon
Working Condition0~50°C

Modelmycobot Pro-320
Power110~220V AC
Tool IO12V/ GND
Digital-INPUT X2
Digital-OUTPUT X2
485Bus AB
Base IODigital-INPUT x3
Digital-OUTPUT x3
Communication (Base)Ethernet Port
SoftwareroboFlow, uiFlow, myStudio ROS, MoveIt, Python
Max End-speed0.7m/s
Power Supply24V 5A; 120W

Modelmycobot Pro-320
Max Rotational Speed180°/s
Servo-Gear SetAlloy Steel
Servo-Encoder12 Bit
Servo-Max Speed180°/s
Noice<85 dB

Working Range


myStudio is a one-stop platform for robots of myRobot/myCobot.
The main functions of myStudio are: 1) Update the firmware; 2) Provide video tutorials on how to use the robot; 3) Provide maintenance and repair information (such as video tutorials, Q&A, etc.).


MyCobot Pro - Gitbook

This manual describes the precautions for proper installation and use of myCobot.

MyCobot Pro Product Brochure

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RoboFlow Operation and Programming Manual

This manual describes the issues to be aware of when operating and programming a Robot.

Detailed video tutorials could help you easily start the journey of using collaborative robots!

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