myAGV Pi 2023


Product Name myAGV Pi 2023  myAGV 2023 Jetson Nano
Size(mm) 311.15*230*110 311.15*230*110
Net Weight (KG) 4.16 4.16
Maximum Load Capacity(KG) 5 5
Navigation Endurance(min) 181 181
Standby Endurance(min) 328 328
Camera 5-megapixel resolution, 65-degree field of view 8-megapixel, 77° field of view (non-night vision), focal length 2.96mm
Motor Planetary Brushless DC Motor Planetary Brushless DC Motor
Lidar 360 degrees omnidirectionalDetection Range: 0.12-8 meters 360 degrees omnidirectionalDetection Range: 0.12-8 meters
USB USB 2.0 *2 USB 3.0 *2
Ethernet Port RJ45*1 RJ45*1
IO G7,G8,G9,G10,G11,G17,G18,G22,G23,G24,G25,G27 G7,G8,G9,G10,G11,G17,G18,G22,G23,G24,G25,G27
Main Control Model Raspberry Pi 4B 2GB Jetson Nano B01 4GB
Main Control Core Broadcom BCM2711, 64-bit 1.5GHz 
ARM Cortex-A57: CPU Architecture: ARM Cortex-A57Number of Cores: 4Maximum Clock Speed: 1.43 GHzL2 Cache: 2MB
CPU 500 MHz VideoCore VI GPU: NVIDIA Maxwell architecture, 128 CUDA cores
Memory 2.4G/5G  
Main Control Core Bluetooth 802.11ac  
Main Control Core Wireless microHDMI*2 HDMI Interface DisplayPort (DP) Interface *1
Core Video Interface 3.5mm 3.5mm
Audio Interface ESP32 ESP32
Secondary Control 4MB 4MB
Secondary Control Core Support Support
Flash Memory Support Support
C++ Support Support
myStudio Support Support
myBlockly Support Support
Visual Software Support Support
2D SLAM Support Support
3D SLAM   Support
7-inch HD IPS Touch Screen Support Support
Astra Pro 2   Support
Realsense D435   Support
Backup Battery Support Support
Functional CategorymyAGVmyAGV 2023
MotorGeared MotorPlanetary Brushless DC Motor
Battery CompartmentDoes not support spare battery chargingCan charge spare batteries
LED Indicator LightNoneRear-mounted LED indicator light
Python APINot supportedSupported
myStudioNot supportedSupported
myBlocklyNot supportedSupported
3D Mapping and NavigationNot supportedSupported
Visual SoftwareNot supportedSupported