ultraArm P340


Model ultraArm P340
DOF 3-4
Payload 650g
Repeatability 340mm
Positioning Accuracy ±0.1mm
Weight 2.9kg
Working Lifespan 5000h
Input power 12V 5A
Joint rotation range J1 -150° ~ +170°
J2 -20° ~ 90°
J3 -5° ~ 75°
Noise 60 dB
Maximum terminal velocity 100mm/s
Power supply adapter 100-240V AC 50-60Hz
Base port Laser engraving interface adaptive gripper interface suction pump interface burning switch
Velocity of joint J1 100°/S
J2 100°/S
J3 100°/S
Installation Mode Horizontal Desktop Installation
Power module High performance stepper motor
Method of programming Elephant Ruban,Graphical programming myBlockly,Python
Operating temperature 0°~45°
Working environment humidity 5%-80%