UltraArm Conveyor Belt Kit 2024

UltraArm Conveyor Belt Kit 2024

Robotic Conveyor and Loader

Elephant Robotics values open-source innovation and co-creation. UltraArm Conveyor Belt Kit 2024 provides a platform for exploring robotics and developing applications, fostering creativity and hands-on learning.

Feature Overview

This kit support robotics vision and robotics develop application learning, including the UltraArm P340 series robotic arm, end effector, camera, scene kit, and provides a unique hands-on gaming and learning experience through open-source Python programs.


Comprehensive Knowledge Spectrum

Using this scene kit, user can learn multiple aspects of robotics, including machine vision, robot control, hand-eye calibration, conveyor belt control, robotic stacking and unstacking, Python programming, and robot suction pump control.

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Machine vision

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Robot control


Hand-eye calibration

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资源 1@4x

Conveyor belt control

Explore Our User Guide and Source Code

Explore the comprehensive user guide and open-source code. Discover detailed setup instructions, and begin your innovation journey today!

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