Q & A

Q: The compiler could not find the corresponding device ?

A: The devide can be developed only after setting up the development environment and installingthe corresponding project library.

Q: The compiler could not compile the sample program properlyfind the corresponding device ?

A: The required project library is not installed or there is a conflict with the project library. Please check that the project library is installed correctly first. If it is installed correctly but still cannot compile, please reinstall arduino development environment .

Q: The Device failed to function properly after burning the firmware to ATOM ?

A: The firmware for ATOM terminal needs to use our factory firmware. If any other firmware is accidentally burned, you can choose”myCobot固件烧录器-选择ATOM终端-选择串口-选择ATOMMAIN固 件”to burn the ATOM terminal.

Q: There is a slight wobble in the vertical position but not in the motion state ?

A: Please check if myCobot is in a vertical state. myCobot is not affected by gravity in a vertical state, mechanical voidage can cause minor wobbles. But there will not be wobbles when it’s out of the vertical state. The recommended speed is 400-500 in a vertical state.

Q: Will the ROS system charge later ?

A: ROS is open source and will be updated to our Github.There is no charge for firmware upgrades.



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