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The Panda series are collaborative 6-axis robot presented by Elephant Robotics which can bring you an excellent automation experience. The series includes two products, Panda 3 and Panda 5, which are powerful, versatile, collaborative and open, and meet the automation demands of various industries.

Panda 3

Panda 5


The Panda Series is universal 6-axis collaborative robot developed by Elephant Robotics, have 3kg load and 5 kg load for different tasks. With various end-effectors, the robot can complete various tasks, such as low-weight assembly, handling, testing, etc. The robot can meet the automation requirements from industries like 3C, metal processing, scientific research, medical, auto industry and other industries.

The Panda series robot support various scripting languages such as Python and JAVA, while also allowing third-party developers to extend software functionality to achieve more applications.


The Panda series robots are portable and can be installed in a small space to complete high-precision handling, loading and uploading, assembly and other works. It takes a short time cycle finish the robot’s installation and commission. Shorter deployment cycle can create more competitive advantages for users that encounter a rapidly changing market.

With the free move function and simple programming software, the robot is user friendly.
Even newcomers can easily program the robot.


Except the common safety collision detection, the Panda series robot is also equipped with Panda safety eyes, laser radar, gratings and other safety equipment. Therefore, ensure a stable and reliable working environment, freeing people from dirty, repetitive and dangerous works.

Shenzhen Elephant Robotics not only provide our customers with customized independent robot workstations to meet their needs of rapid upgrade and transformation of production lines, but also provide our clients with a series of services such as project design, installation and management. Helping customers improve their production efficiency and gain more competitive advantages.


Products by Elephant Robotics offer customized solutions for different industries.

Food & Agriculture


3C Products

Automobile Industry

Education & Research

Household Device


Products by Elephant Robotics offer customized solutions for different industries, they are compatible with different end-effectors and also support third-party extensions.

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Panda 3/5 User Manual

This manual describes the precautions for proper installation and use of the Catbot.

Panda 3/5 Specifications

The technical specifications parameters of the Panda3/5.

RoboFlow Operation and Programming Manual

This manual describes the issues to be aware of when operating and programming an Robot.