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myCobot 320 M5 is an advanced version of myCobot products, which is mainly suitable for makers and scientific researchers. It can carry out secondary development according to the needs of users and realize personalized customization of users. The overall sophisticated design, all-in-one design, has three advantages of ease of use, safety and economy, and is a cost-effective choice.

The myCobot 320 M5 has a body weight of 3kg, a payload of 1kg, and a working radius of 320mm. The volume is relatively small but powerful. It is easy to operate and can work in coordination with people and work safely.


myCobot 320 M5 is a productivity tool as well as an expansion tool for imagination. It can be used with a variety of end effectors to adapt to a variety of application scenarios, such as scientific research, education scenarios, display scenarios, etc. The current customer feedback is excellent.

Smart barista to enlarge your business, can be applied in various commercial scenarios

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Perfect helper in photographic studio, much more accurate and stable


Replace repetitive work, produce efficiently, create more value

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Continuously print out photos, the perfect combination of artistic creation and robot


Helpful assistant in workshop, human and robot collaboration, infinite creativity


Compact All-In-One design, super fit in AGV solutions, much more flexible

6-axis collaborative robot


Powerful performance &
Equipped with 2 Screens

  • The use of brushless DC servos can achieve a repeat positioning accuracy of ±0.5mm.
  • The body is equipped with two displays, supporting M5 ecological applications, effectively expanding the collaborative application space.
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Convenient operation, open source and easy to use

  • With the help of drag teaching and myblockly simple visual programming, users can quickly get started.
  • Support development systems such as ROS/moveIt and roboflow operating software which independently developed by Elephant Robotics.

Economical and applicable, super cost-effective

  • The standard 8-hour work system can replace repetitive and standard work.
  • Cost effective for reducing costs and increasing efficiency for scientific research that requires high performance and low cost.
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Integrated design, safe and collaborative operation

  • The exquisite structural design makes it possible to make full use of the space and perfectly blend into the actual environment.
  • Equipped with the anti-collision detection function based on the accurate dynamic model, so that it can work safely with people.


Working Range

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myStudio is a one-stop platform for robots of myRobot/myCobot.
The main functions of myStudio are: 1) Update the firmware; 2) Provide video tutorials on how to use the robot; 3) Provide maintenance and repair information (such as video tutorials, Q&A, etc.).

myCobot 320 Accessory

Elephant Robotics are targeted at robotic collaboration applications, making “my-series” product line.

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MyCobot 320 M5 - Gitbook

This manual describes the precautions for proper installation and use of myCobot.


MyCobot 320 M5 Product Brochure

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RoboFlow Operation and Programming Manual

This manual describes the issues to be aware of when operating and programming a Robot.

Detailed video tutorials could help you easily start the journey of using collaborative robots!

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