myCobot Connect-4 Kit 2023

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Design Philosophy & Gameplay Showcase

Elephant Robotics values open-source innovation and co-creation. Our myCobot Connect-4 Kit provides a platform for exploring robotics and developing applications, fostering creativity and hands-on learning.

Features Overview

The myCobot Connect-4 Kit, offering robotics vision and application learning, includes a myCobot 280 series arm, end effector, camera, chessboard, and fosters unique, hands-on gaming and learning with open-source Python libraries.


The myCobot Connect-4 Kit provides a customized GUI for development, which is open-sourced for all users to use.
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Exploring Gameplay

Connect Four gameplay with myCobot Connect-4 Kit involves image acquisition, processing, board data analysis, AI model decision-making, and robot execution, offering an observable and educational process.

Explore Our User Guide and Source Code

Explore the comprehensive user guide and open-source code on GitHub for myCobot Connect-4 Kit. Discover detailed setup instructions, gameplay optimization, and begin your innovation journey today!