myCobot-Intelligent warehouse kit

myCobot artificial intelligence kit is an entry-level artificial intelligence suit integrating vision, positioning and grabbing, and automatic sorting modules. Based on the Linux system, build a 1:1 simulation model in ROS, which can realize the control of the robotic arm through the development of software. It is simple and easy to learn. It can quickly learn the basics of artificial intelligence, inspire innovative thinking, and comprehend the open-source creative culture.

The suit has good scalability and high openness and can be used for multiple purposes. It is easy to use the training platform of colleges and universities, the construction of robotics disciplines, the robotics laboratory or personal learning and use.



Aruco code detection and tracking: precise positioning and calibration of the camera, and automatic capture


Color and image recognition: Using deep learning algorithms,
users can use robotic arms to complete positioning, grabbing and automatic sorting.

What can you learn?

  • Ros
  • opencv
  • python programming
  • 6 DOF robot control principle
  • End-effector control
  • AI machine vision and artificial intelligence
  • LCD display control
  • Smart sensor detection (color, image, aruco code)


Python programming

Inverse kinematics

Control principle of
robotic arm

Machine Vision

Use of End effector

Rich teaching Demo, intuitive and efficient

With rich teaching demos such as color recognition, image recognition, and aruco code recognition, it helps users to understand the basic composition and working principle of the robot artificial intelligence vision kit more clearly and intuitively.

Kit Components

1. Material box
2. Trash Bins
3. Artificial intelligence kit_ Bottom Plate
4. Material box stand
5. Square (provide sticker)
6. Suction pump
7. Vision module_ Base stand
8. Vision module_ camera
9. Vision module_ Camera flange
10. Vision module_ Camera bracket
11. Vision module_ Fibre tube
12. Suction pump connecting line_ Power distribution
13. Suction pump connecting line_ power cord
14. Suction pump connecting line_ DuPont line

Installation Tutorials & Product Parameter

Vision module
NameUSB non-distortion lens
Maximum pixels1 million 1280X720
Support image formatsYUV, MJPEG
Pixel size3.4umX3.4um
Maximum frame rate1280x720 @ 25fps
Supported resolution1280X720, 640X480, 320X240
Power supplyDC5V 90mA
Field of view angle≈60°
Lens focal lengthstandard 1.7mm
USB protocolUSB2.0 HS/FS
Supported systemsWin7/8/10, Linux, MAC

Artificial intelligence kit-Gitbook

Step to step guidance


Step to step guidance

Artificial intelligence kit
Product Brochure