myArm M&C Teleoperation Robotic Arm Kit

myArm M&C双臂遥操作机械臂套件 en

Application scenario

myArm M&C remote control kit contains 2, myArm C650 controllers and 2 myArm M750 masters.
Corresponding to the control and execution of the left and right hands respectively. Through its highly integrated design, it provides an advanced remote control operation and collaborative work solution.
For example: verifying the ALOHA robot motion control algorithm;Remote laboratory operation;Robot programming education;
Disaster area rescue exploration.

Product function


Standardized Remote Control Kit

Provide integrated solutions to support rapid deployment
and operation.


Real-Time Detection of Motor Status

Ensure the safety and stability of system operation.


Multiple Development Environments

Including Python and ROS to meet different development needs.


High Precision Encoder

Provide precise position, velocity and acceleration information
to optimize performance.


Localized Drag Teaching

User-friendly interaction method improves learning and
usage efficiency.


Multi-Machine Collaboration

Expanded operational capabilities, suitable for complex
tasks and environments.

Product package


myArm C650 Arm X 2


myArm M750 Arm X 2


24V5A Power Adapter X 2


12V5A Power Adapter X 2


USB Data Cable X 4


Software programming

The myArm family of robotic arms is highly valuable in education and research, especially in Python and ROS (Robot Operating System), two widely used development environments. These environments provide powerful support, enabling the myArm family of products to be widely used in machine learning, artificial intelligence research, complex motion control, and visual processing tasks.
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myArm M&C Teleoperation Robotic Arm Kit

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