myArm M&C Quadruped Bionic Robot Compound Kit


Application scenario

The Quadruped Bionic Robot Compound Kit combines the flexible mobility of a quadruped robot with the precision operation of a robotic arm, providing a highly integrated platform suitable for exploration, research, and multi-environment applications.
For example: complex terrain exploration simulation; Automated agricultural application exploration; Laboratory or classroom teaching.

Product function


Quadruped Robot with Robotic Arm

Provide multi-dimensional operation capabilities and simulate task execution in complex environments.


Easy Installation and Connection

Simplify the setup process and enable quick startup without the
need for an external controller.


Multiple Development Environments

Including Python and ROS to meet different development needs.


Balancing Algorithm Verification

Improve the stability and operation accuracy of the robot.


Dynamics Development Support

Suitable for advanced motion analysis and application development.


Standardized Communication Protocol

Ensure efficient and stable data exchange between devices.

Product package


myArm C650 Robotic Arm X 1


myArm M750 Robotic Arm X 1


Quadruped Robot Dog X 1


24V5A Power Adapter X 1


12V5A Power Adapter X 1


USB Data Cable X 2


DC Power Adapter Cable X 1


Software programming

The myArm series robotic arms are highly valuable in the fields of education and research, particularly within the widely used development environments of Python and ROS (Robot Operating System). These environments provide robust support, enabling the myArm series products to be extensively utilized in machine learning,.
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