myArm C650

myArm M650 cn

Application scenario

myArm C650 is a universal 6-degree-of-freedom robot motion information collection device with a finger controller and 2 smart buttons at the end. C stands for Controller. End coordinates or joint angles can be output at 50hz. Designed for education, research and industrial data collection, its flexibility and highly modular design make it suitable for a variety of complex operations and tasks.
For example: as a teaching pendant, it is used for remote control of conventional configuration robots, complex configuration
robots, heavy-duty robots and other equipment.

Product function


6 DOF Robotic Arm

Simulates the flexibility of human arms, enabling multi-angle and multi-directional remote control.


Universal Data Collection

Suitable for a wide range of data collection needs, such as motion information and environmental parameters.


Various Connection Methods

Compatible with Python and ROS, suitable for developers of
all levels.


High-Precision Magnetic Encoder

The full-joint motor is equipped with a 4096-bit encoder to provide
precise control.


High-Speed Data Sampling

Up to 200Hz sampling frame rate to capture subtle movements.


Built-In Display and Custom Software

Real-time feedback on machine status to enhance user
interaction experience.

Product package


myArm C650 Arm X 1


12V5A Power Adapter X 1


USB Data Cable X 1


Software programming

The myArm series robots are highly valuable in the fields of education and research, particularly within the widely used development environments of Python and ROS (Robot Operating System). These environments provide robust support, enabling the myArm series products to be extensively utilized in machine learning, artificial intelligence research, complex motion control, and visual processing tasks.
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Product name myArm C650
DOF 6+1
Horizontal reach 650mm
Total span 1300mm
Self-respect 1.95kg
Power Specifications 12V5A
Repeatability ±1mm
Accuracy 5-8mm
Servo quantity 8
Servo type High-precision digital servo motor
Screen 2 inch screen
I/O 3.3V digital signal
Spin ability +/- 180°
End effector Two-finger remote control + two-button control
USB connection Type-C
2 inch display Support
Atom end 5*5 LED light matrix
Communication frame rate >50Hz

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