Mecanum wheel


High-precision camera

myAGV is jointly developed by Elephant Robot and Huaway and produced independently.
The manipulator uses mycobot and loads camera Eye-in-Hand design. myAGV adopts Mecanum wheel + lidar + high-precision camera.
Control mode: autonomous navigation, handle control, keyboard control, etc.


Sketch and navigation of slam lidar

Eye-in-hand recognition and grasping,
using different end effectors

Multiple AGVs concurrent operation

6-DOF compound robot

Omnidirectional wheel trolley

Four mecanum wheels, full package design

Slam lidar navigation and mapping

Real time movement and mapping; Autonomous navigation

Built-in camera

It can identify and accurately locate objects

Smallest compound robot

It can carry up to 2 mycobot robot arm and
equipped with end-effectors

Eye-in-Hand recognition

myCobot can accurately locate and calibrate the camera and capture it in a large range

Various playing methods

multiple machines can cooperate, multiple control modes, and multiple robots move in real time

Various ways of programming

Support ROS simulation and moveit all open source; At the same time, there are rich interfaces: Raspberry pi, Arduino, python, C + +



myAGV product brochure


Step to step guidance


Step to step guidance


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