Catbot: The World's First Organic Robot Arm

Nature Configuration
- All-in-one Design & Affordable Cost
Nature communication
- Voice Control & Force Sensing
Nature Connection
- Cloud program & Quick Tool Change

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Robotics Assistant Wherever You Are

Robotic Assistant

Fexlible robotics assistant can help you wherever you are

AGV Mate

Compact All-In-One design super fit in AGV solution

Robot Massagist

Comfort yourself with safe robotics massagist

Robot Photographer

Program robot to perform best curve for recording videos 

Small Body, Big Dream

For Small Business and Research


(cm) Mounting Space
- Extreme Compact


(USD) 1/4 Price of Others
- Super Affordable

10 mins

Short Setup Time with Voice Control and Cloud Program

Catbot Features

All-In-One Design

Force Sensing

Modular End-effectors

Voice Recognition

Open Platform

Cloud Program

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Up to 50% off + Special Robots Kit