Human-Robot Collaboration, Perform Better, Create More

Elephant Robotics offers comprehensive solutions for commercial scenarios, scientific research, education scenarios, medical scenarios, showing case scenarios and etc. More applications could be customized according to your innovation!


Education and Scientific Research

Help you combine theory and practice in perfection. Our robots can be your intelligent robotic assistant and help you work efficiently.

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Provide customized solutions for business in various conditions. With the help of our robots, you can enlarge your business in a fantastic way.


Elephant Robotics is committed to bring robots to everyone, our robots are also popular in commerce and education. Perfect assistant in various situations, helps your business and research perform efficiently!

Robot Barista to Entertain People

Perfect Helper in Photographic Studio

Creative Painter to Surprise You

Chemical Testing / Commercial Demo

Your Personal Senior Massagist

Screen Holder, More Intelligent

End Effectors

Products of Elephant Robotics are compatible with different end-effectors and also support third-party extensions, which makes it become a flexible mobile automation unit to complete more tasks and increase productivity.  

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Easy Programming


Long Range Adaptive Gripper

Electric Screwdriver


Soft Gripper


Short Range Adaptive Gripper

Polishing Head


Suction cup


Magnetic Gripper

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