myCobot 280 Raspberry Pi 2023

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Product applications and functions

Using Raspberry Pi microprocessor and Ubuntu Mate 20.04 operating system, myCobot 280 Pi can be used by connecting monitor, keyboard and mouse without PC master control. It is the first choice for building robot arm programming education, control logic development, robot application and ROS simulation experiment class. To help you quickly start the learning and application of six axis robotic arm.

Experimental education and research

myCobot 280 is your ultimate robotic playmate. With native Raspberry Pi 4B support and a variety of actuators and sensors, it opens up a world of possibilities for robot programming, control logic development, and even ROS simulations. Build, learn and have fun with the myCobot 280.

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Creative development

Experience industrial robot development with the myCobot 280 series. Equipped with advanced motion control algorithms and multiple control modes, including angle, coordinate, potentiometer and radian values. With an open-source drive library and over 90+ robot control interfaces, get a realistic programming experience for your projects.

Commercial exploration

The myCobot 280 series of mechanical arms support the development of applications that can be used in a variety of environments, including PC, industrial computers, and embedded devices. The product supports over 10 accessories, including a base, end extension, and peripheral products, which can be combined to complete complex project applications. These applications are suitable for commercial exhibitions.

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myCobot 280 has been sold in over 10,000 units across 50+ countries, showcasing its global popularity and reliability


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Working Radius


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Raspberry Pi


Camera Support


APP Control



游戏手柄 2

Gamepad control

ros 1


ros 2









Practical Teaching


Excellent Configuration

myCobot Pi collaborative robotic arm is equipped with complicated and intelligent configuration,
which highly satisfies your demands of secondary developments.
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Brained On Raspberry Pi 4B

The speed and performance of the Raspberry Pi 4B is a step up from earlier models in which myCobot Pi, the Raspberry
robot arm, gets more powerful computing competence and faster proceeding method.

CPU: 64-bit 1.5GHz 4Core (28nm)

GPU:Broadcom VideoCore vl@50OM

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Secondary Developments

Easily learn to program myCobot Pi, in your style and start your robotics journey with pleasure.
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pytho demo


Rich accessories

Dozens of accessories, such as adaptive grippers, camera flanges, suction pumps, etc., helping users to play to the creative ideas of myCobot.

Adaptive gripper


Parallel gripper


Flexible gripper


Dexterous hand


Vertical suction pump


Dual vacuum gripper


Pen holder


Mobile phone holder


Camera module


Cylindrical flange


G base


Flat base

ROS simulation control support

We provide ROS1 and ROS2 multi-version development support, and different versions have the same extended support, and provide RVIZ and MOVEIT demonstration cases under different versions to meet the in-depth development needs of users. ​

Working Range


myAGV + myCobot 280

Mobile chassis + robotic arm development, SLAM mapping, autonomous navigation, ROS development environment, 6-axis collaborative robot control, visual recognition, communication between devices and other development content.
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User Cases


Robotic Arm myCobot Control your Chopsticks

Visual Recognition & Tracking base on ROS System

myCobot Artificial Intelligence Kit- Visual Grabbing

DIY Lego Gripper

mycobot 協作型手臂 校園淺口袋:水管哥

myCobot 280 Raspberry Pi Unboxing


myStudio is a one-stop platform for myCobot.
The main functions of myStudio are: 1) Update the firmware; 2) Provide video tutorials on how to use the robot; 3) Provide maintenance and repair information (such as video tutorials, Q&A, etc.).
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myCobot 280  Pi 2023

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