Elephant 5

A Brandnew-Step for Industries

Innovative / Durable / Accurate

For High-Precision and High Quality Industrial Application

Working Radius



±0.05 mm



Elephant 5 features a payload of 5kg, a working radius of 810mm and repeatability of ± 0.05mm, it is a perfect robotic assistant for industrial manufacturing.With high precision and high flexibility, Elephant 5 can do some delicate work conveniently. What's more, Elephant 5 has a certain degree of rigidity because of its unique symmetrical structure. It can even complete the work done by some traditional industrial robots.

Stable and Rigid

Durable and Precise

Collaborative and Safe

Easy Programming

Stable and Rigid

Different from the cantilever joint design of traditional cobots, the double support construction with better mechanical properties is adopted in the main stressed joints of Elephant 5.This symmetrical strcuture solves the problem of instability and it helps Elephant 5 to have a certain degree of rigidity. It can even complete the work done by some traditional industrial robots.

Durable and Precise

Combined with the body mechanical structure optimized by CAE technology and high performance components provided by top suppliers,  the repeat positioning accuracy and life of Elephant 5 is ensured.

Collaborative and Safe

Based on the efficient and exact collision detection algorithm, Elephant 5 can stop immediately when the slight collision is perceived. No need to install a protective barrier. Safety of personnel is guaranteed. Customized protection units are also accepted, such as Lidar, Light Curtains, etc.

Easy Programming

Elephant 5 is using the operating system “RoboFlow” developed by Elephant Robtics, which is easy to operate smoothly. What’s more, the interface is simple and clear. Even a novice can quickly learn how to program. It also supports custom programming and secondary development.


Degrees of Freedom
6 axis
Operating Temperature Range
Typical Power Consumption
Collaboration Operation
Test in accordance with: EN ISO 13849-1 PL d
EN ISO 10218-1: 2011-Clause 5.4.3
Programming Mode
Graphical programming

Axis Movement Robot Arm Working Range
J1/J4/J6: ±180° , J2/J3/J5:±120°
Axis Maximum Speed
Typical Tool Speed

IP Classification
Robot Mounting
Any angle
Dimensions Robot Base
Aluminium alloy,ABS,Rubber

Recommended Fields

Elephant Robotics can help you achieve automation, improve your productivity, quality and safety level in a timely and cost-cutting manner.

3C electronics

Injection Molding

Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industry

Automobile Industry

Metal Processing

Education & Scientific Research


Elephant 5 has been applied in different situations by many companies, including  Global 500 Companies.


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Elephant 5 DOWNLOADS

Elephant 5 User Manual

This manual describes the precautions for proper installation and use of the Elephant series robot.

Elephant 5 Specifications

The technical specifications of Elephant 5.

RoboFlow Operation and Programming Manual

This manual describes the issues to be aware of when operating and programming a Robot.

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