All in one Safe robotic assistant

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- All-in-one Design & Affordable Cost
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More than just a Robot Arm
Enjoy robots world!

Flexible Robotics Assistant
Wherever You Are

Catbot delivers a precise mechanical feel to the human touch and it’s always ready for a challenge: being a Photographer, Barista, Painter, Masseur, or Table tennis partner. It is powerful, flexible and it is always ready for providing services based on your command. It will be organic robot (Denoting or characterized by a harmonious relationship between the elements of a whole), for that we believe this is the future of robots and human life.

What can Catbot be?

Application for personal user or small business

Robot Barista

Be your Barista/waiter, if you don’t want to waste time on it.


Robot Photographer

Be your Photographer to record happy time in time. Perform best curve for recording videos.


Robotics Massagist

Be your private massagist, comfort yourself at home.


Robot Painter

Release you from Repetition Work.Import your image to an app,it can print, once or a hundred times.


Screen Holder

Adjusts effortlessly for easy use,robot arm extends and retracts, tilt automaticallyto change angles.


AGV Mate

Compact All-In-One design super fit in AGV solution

Application for research


Hand Helper for Workshop

Release you from Repetition Work;Work efficiently, improve your productivity by over 96%.


Automatics Screw Driver

Decreased in labor cost, increased in production.

Get the End-effectors You Need

Its modular design can greatly shorten the installation and commissioning time of the robot and realize plug and play.

Customization is available.More applications waiting for your discovery.

endhand 1

Long Range Adaptive Gripper

endhand 4

Screw Driving Package

endhand 5

Polishing Package

endhand 3

Suction Cup

endhand 6

Gripper - Short Range EGP

Soft Gripper


As a collaborative robot, Catbot is equipped with torque measurement function. When the slight collision is perceived, the emergency stop is started to ensure the safety of personnel. No need to install a protective barrier. Equipped with other intelligent equipment, the intelligent and flexible Catbot, becomes an intelligent assistant. Whether used in the process of mass production or as an intelligent assistant in a studio, Catbot can take you to the intelligent world.


clould programing

Load down an app, you can operate Catbot on your cell phone. Catbot is equipped with a skill shop with nearly pre-set 20 basic skills. It also supports users to develop more programs independently and share them with other users.

About Catbot

Product Details


Base Detail


End-effector Detail

Production Timeline

Catbot Features

Catbot come with unique technology, meaning your robot will be able to do more than robot arm. Catbot’s smart features include:

100 allinone


100 voice control

Voice Control

100 open plat

Open Platform

100 cloud prog

Cloud Program

100 modular

Modular Accessories

100 low cost

Cost Efficiency

100 bot asist

Robot Assistant

All in One

the integrated cabinet greatly reduces the floor area of Catbot and effectively simplifies the installation process of the robot.

voice interaction

You can use voice to control Catbot to do precise action to millimeters.Man-computer voice interaction function makes robot programming more convenient.

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Cloud Program & Program Everywhere

It allows anyone with an innovative idea to program a robot by using a terminal device or computer.

Modular Accessories

Catbot end effector is adopted with modular design, and users can quickly replace it according to work requirements.

What are they saying?



Catbot User Manual

This manual describes the precautions for proper installation and use of the Panda series robot.


Catbot Specifications

The technical specifications parameters of the Catbot.


RoboFlow Operation and Programming Manual

This manual describes the issues to be aware of when operating and programming an Robot.

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