Suction pump connection


  • As shown in the above figure, use the building block key to carry the suction pump to the head of the mechanical arm, and connect the bottom of the mechanical arm and the suction pump box through two DuPont wires

  • Note: the bottom of the manipulator is the interface connecting 2 and 5, and the suction pump box is the two holes on the far right If the connection is wrong, it is easy to burn the M5 at the bottom of the manipulator!!!

Code implementation

ext, we will use the code to feel the use of the suction pump.

  • At mycobot_ In the ROS project, there is a mycobot_ AI package. Some actions of the manipulator have been encapsulated in the script in the package, including the use of suction pump. Therefore, you only need to inherit the class when you create it.

  • At mycobot_ In the ROS project, a use case of suction pump is given. The use of suction pump can be realized only after the required equipment is connected and operated. Please complete the connection of the device by yourself. Next, we will briefly describe how to run the case.

ls /dev/ttyUSB*   # View manipulator equipment name
sudo chmod 777 /dev/ttyUSB0  # Give permission to the viewed device (assuming that the viewed device name is / dev / ttyUSB0)
roslaunch <ros-workspace>/src/mycobot/mycobot_ai/launch/vision.launch  # Before starting the file, you need to modify the port value in the file
python <ros-workspace>/src/mycobot/mycobot_ai/script/  # Run the suction pump program

Modify the contents in vision. Launch, as shown in the following figure. Modify the default value of port to be consistent with the viewed manipulator equipment name. If it is not modified, the vision. Launch may fail to start.


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