7.1.1 Gripper


  • 1.fix the gripper to the top of the robotic arm with a lego tech and connect to the M5STACK Basic end-effector extension interface (described in the unboxing video)
  • 2.grippers can be used in all development environments, such as ROS、Arduino、UIFlow and RoboFlow.

Applicable objects

  • small box
  • small ball
  • long strip

Tips you can paste rubber at the fingertips of the gripper for better friction.


API control you can control gripper by downloading the latest myCobot API.

1. Control the opening and closing degree of the clawplease read the claw position first, then set the range. The value range is 0-4096; the actual range is near 2000.

2. Set the initial point of the claw:the initial point corresponds to a closing degree of 2048.

setGripperIni() // set gripper encode initial center point(to be 2048) 3. Read gripper position

getGripperValue() // return gripper encdoer value (from 0 to 4096) 4 设置夹爪状态:现阶段只支持张开闭合两个状态,如果需要设置精准位置,可以设置夹爪闭合程度;

setGripperState // only used for adaptive gripper, 0 or 1 for open and close

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