mycobot_ros is from ElephantRobotics, fits its desktop six-axis robotic arm mycobot.

The project address:



  • This package relies on ROS and MoveIT. Ensure a successful installation of ROS and MoveIT before use.
  • The interaction of this package with the real robot arm is depend on PythonApi - pymycobot
  • The project site of Api is:
  • Fast installation:pip install pymycobot --upgrade
  • The way you install it depends on Git, make sure Git is installed on your computer.

The following text will refer to the ROS workspace path in your computer with <ros-workspace>, and make sure that you replace <ros-workspace> with your native's real path when you execute the following command.

cd <ros-workspace>/src
git clone
cd ..
source <ros-workspace>/devel/setup.bash

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