Programming in Python Environment

Identify development goals

PyMycobot is a Python package that communicates with myCobot on a serial port. It supports Python2, Python3.5 and later versions..

If you want to control myCobot by programming in Python, that is your choice.

How to install and use

Before using PyMycobot, make sure you have a myCobot and have it ready.


Make sure the top Atom burns into Atom and the bottom BASIC burns into Transponder.

The firmware Atom and Transponder download address:


pip install pymycobot --upgrade --user


Only Atom2.6 and later versions are currently supported; if you are using previous versions, please install PyMycobot 1.0.7.

pip install pymycobot==1.0.7 --user

Installing from Source

git clone <your-path>
cd <your-path>/pymycobot
# Install
python2 install
# or
python3 install

API serves as a secondary directory

If you don't want to install it, you can use it.First, you need to go to GitHub and download it locally.

Download Path:

Then, put the Pymycobot file in your project so that you can import it and use it.

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