1.Preparation before development

1.1 Connected Device

  • Connect the Basic on the base of myCobot with PC terminal by Tyep-C data line

1.2 Requirement

  • ATOM:Burn the latest version of ATOMMain( At least 2.7 Version )
  • Basic:None

1.3 Check for Connection

  • After connecetion with computer, open device manager to check if there is a device
  • If the device is not detected, please replace the USB cable. If it indicates that the device cannot be used, please install and download CP210X . After downloading, unzip it and install the required version of driver.

  • open Arduino IDE -> tools -> port to check if there is a device. If the device is not detected, please replace the USB cable to test, or test whether the driver has been installed successfully

2.Start development

2.1 Burn an offcial demo

  • Open Arduino IDE,select ->file-> Examples-> mycobotbasic, then you can see all Examples about myCobot
  • Burn an demo->SetRGB.ino.

Open SetRGB from Examples

Select the development board: M5Stack-Core-ESP32and COM

Click to download

Wait until the bottom right shows upload success, which means that the application has been downloaded

Then you'll see the Atom screen loop with red, green and blue lights

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