Software Platform & API

Before developing, make sure that the Basic and Atom in your myCobot are using the latest firmware and suitable for your environment.

You can update the firmware through MyStudio

We currently support the development of the following API


  • Suitable for maker development, you can use all kinds of Arduino program library.


  • Suitable for beginners to develop, based on Visual programming, can be adapted to the full M5 education kit.


  • Suitable for users with a certain level of Python development.Based on python3.


  • Suitable for professional development, can undertake the simulation and calculation of mechanical arm, trajectory planning, etc.


  • Suitable for industrial development, It is an industrial oriented operating system launched by Elephant Robot, adapted all series of robotic arms of Elephant Robot

Communication Protocols and Messages

  • Suitable for serial port development, can directly communicate by sending message

In addition, we are also developing C# and other software interface API for development.


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