Download and Loading myStudio

Download myStudio


Select the latest version


Then select different versions for different systems


Note: Don’ t install in a folder with a space directory.

Download Basic & Atom

Burn Basic

  • First, connect the BASIC development board with USB, the connection window of myStudio will display the connected development board, select and click “Connect”


  • Then there are the basic-related firmware in the Basic and tools. Select the firmware you want to burn, and click to burn


Burn Atom

  • Burn Atom is same as Burn Basic, withUSB connection at the end of the Atom
  • ATOM can be selected in the Board, firmware of Atom will appear
  • There is only one firmware of Atom, click to burn


Usage of myStudio


Q: When you click on the Tools it will be stuck in the side bar for the first time?

A: Please make sure your network status is good.

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