Learn Structure and fixation of myCobot

How to fix myCobot

The actual weight of myCobot collaborative robot is 850g. Considering the movement of the robot, the center of gravity will move as the robot moves. Therefore, the robot needs to be fixed on a solid base to be used normally.

Common Fix: myCobot There are two common ways to fix myCobot:

  • 1 Secure the lego connector on the base with lego interface.
    types of bases: Flap Base and G Base, you can find them in myCobot’s peripheral base. myCobot Support
  • Use 4 screws to pass through myCobot base, secure to a threaded base.
    The position of the 4 screw holes on the base can be referenced in the myCobot screw position diagram below.


Interface size of robot base

The pedestal fixing hole is the interface that fixes the robot to other bases or planes. The specific hole size is shown as following. It is 4 through holes with a diameter of 4.5mm, which can be fixed with M4 bolts.


Make sure that there is a corresponding threaded hole on the fixed base before installing. Before you officially install, please confirm:

  • The environment to be installed complies with the requirements above.
  • The installation position is not less than the working range of the robot, and there is enough space for installation, use, maintenance and repair.
  • Place the stand in the proper position.
  • Installation related tools are ready, such as screws, wrenches, etc.

After confirming the above, move the robot to the mounting surface of the base, adjust the position of the robot, and align the fixing hole of the robot base with the hole on the mounting surface of the base.

Note: When adjusting the position of the robot on the mounting base, please avoid pushing the robot directly on the mounting surface of the base to avoid scratches. When manually moving the robot, please try to avoid applying external force to the weak part of the robot body to avoid unnecessary damage to the robot.

End assembly diagram

The end of the robot arm is compatible with both lego connector holes and screw threaded holes. end

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