Motors and Servos


Specification Parameter
Dimension 45.2X24.7X35mm
Locked-rotor torque 19.5 kg·cm\@ 7.4V
Locked-rotor speed 52RPM\@7.4V
Feedback Load/position/speed/voltage/current/temperature
Electronic protection Overheat/overcurrent/overvoltage/overload protection

Structure Feature

  • The shell adopts engineering plastic shell with higher strength, which optimizes the center point alignment distance and makes the overall structure more compact.
  • Steering gear adopts 1:345 copper tooth combination,which makes greater torque.
  • Under the condition of the same torque, it will appear shorter (5mm) than the size of the standard steering gear.
  • The body adopts double-axis structure design, round lining three-dimensional structure characteristics with metal main and auxiliary steering wheel and double wire wiring, suitable for quadruped robot, snake robot, desktop robot, humanoid robot, mechanical arm applications.

Electric Control Function

  • Acceleration Start & StopSpeed and acceleration can be set, the movement is better and softer.

  • High Precision

360-degree absolute position 4096 bit accuracy, the highest position resolves 0.088 degrees. If you control 90 degrees, input 4096/36090=1024; if you control 180 degrees, input 4096/360180=2048; the rest can be done in the same manner .

  • Working Modes

  • Mode 0: Location mode, which is the default one. 360 degree absolute Angle control can be achieved in this mode and. Support acceleration motion.

  • Mode 1: Speed closed loop. In the programming interface, the operation mode is set to 1, you can switch to speed closed loop mode, and enter the corresponding speed under the speed bar to run.
  • Mode 2: Speed open loop, in the programming interface, the operation mode is set to 2, you can switch to speed open loop mode, and enter the corresponding time under the time bar to run.

A key to Calibrate

Install in any position with 360°Angle, {enter 128 (decimal) at address number 40 (decimal)} calibrate the current position to the center with one

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