Hardware of myCobot

The hardware of myCobot is composed of electronic parts and mechanical parts. Electronic parts include PCBA, controller, steering gear, charger, etc.. Structural parts include solid plastic casing, LEGO-mounted ports, flanges, fastener bearings, etc.

Basic & Atom

The microcontroller of myCobot is mainly composed of BASIC installed at the base and Atom installed at the end. The reason for the design is to separate the motion program from the application program, so that users can program and control myCobot by himself while making it has some real - time performance.

Basic - M5Stack Basic

  • It is mainly used for the application side of myCobot, which can carry out Arduino programming, UIFlow programming, communication or various software defined by users themselves. Basic related programs are open source for everyone. Check out our GitHub for more information.

ATOM - M5Stack Atom

  • It is mainly used for the kinematics algorithm control of myCobot, including forward and inverse kinematics, solution selection, acceleration and deceleration, speed synchronization, multiple square interpolation, coordinate transformation, real-time control and multi-threading, etc.. Atom related programs are not open source yet.

Note: Basic and Atom can communicate with each other through a communication protocol that is open to all users simultaneously.


myCobotElectronic Components

myCobot Electronics

  • Base(gray shell)
    • Charging Board PCBA: charging and voltage protection function
    • PCBA Substrate: control signal conversion function
    • M5 Basic: main controller
    • Servo Motor No. 1
  • Body (white shell)
    • Servo Motor No. 2-6
    • Pinboard of Servo Motor
  • End
    • M5 Atom:2nd controller
  • Peripheral -Charger

Structural Parts

  • Base
    • Through-Hole
    • Lego Interface
  • Body
    • White plastic shell
    • Fixed parts, fasteners, bearings, etc
  • End
    • Output Flange (silver)

DH Parameter & Coordinate System

DH parameter of myCobot is the modified DH parameter, and the specific parameter values are as follows.

Joint alpha a d theta offset
1 0 0 131.56 theta_1 0
2 PI/2 0 0 theta_2 -PI/2
3 0 -110.4 0 theta_3 0
4 0 -96 66.39 theta_4 -PI/2
5 PI/2 0 73.18 theta_5 PI/2
6 -PI/2 0 43.6 theta_6 0

The coordinate system represented by DH parameter of myCobot is as follows. rotation


If there are some problems with your myCobot, you can contact our customer service for maintenance.

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