Arduino is an open source electronic prototyping platform that is convenient, flexible and easy to use, contains hardware (various types of Arduino boards) and software (Arduino IDE). The hardware part (or development board) consists of a microcontroller (MCU), flash memory (FLASH), and a set of general input/output interfaces (GPIO), etc., you can think of it as a microcomputer motherboard. The software part is mainly composed of Arduino IDE on PC, related Board Support

Package (BSP) and abundant third-party function library. Users can easily download the BSP related to the development board you own and the library of functions by Arduino IDE to write your programs.

How to install Arduino IDE?

  • Driver Installation

M5Core host (including BASIC/GRAY/M5GO/FIRE/FACES). Before burning program, please click the button below to download the corresponding CP210X driver zip package according to the operating system you are using. After unpacking the package, select the installation package corresponding to the operating system number to install.

Download CP2104 driver

Arduino IDE

如果需要下载Arduino IDE 可以点击Aeduino 官网下载安装与电脑系统对应的版本。

If you need to download Arduino IDE, you can click Arduinoto download and install the version corresponding to your computer system.

Configure Arduino development environment required by myCobot

1. Add the required development board

pic pic

  • Select Tools -> Development Board: -> Development Board Manager

In the new dialog box that pops up, enter and search ESP32 , then click Install

( If the search fails, try restarting Arduino as below )


  • After the installation, select Tools -> Development Board: to check whether it was successful As shown in the figure below:


2. Add Libraries

**Different hardware devices have different case libraries, please choose to

download it according to the device you are using.**

  • You can use project libraries added by IDE.

Open Arduino IDE, select Project -> Load Library -> Management Library...

Search and install the following project libraries separately: M5Stack、M5Core2、M5Atom、ESP32_Lite_Pack_Library, etc.. Steps are as follows:

pic pic

  • Project libraries that need to be downloaded from GitHub, such as MycobotBasic

Download link:

After downloading, unzip and add it according to the index below






Click open and "The library has been added. Please check the 'Import Library' menu.” is displayed in the lower right, then the environment configuration of Arduino is complete.

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