Motor & Steering Gear



According to the type of working power supply, it can be divided into:

  • 1). DC(Direct Current) motor
  • 1.1). Brushless DC motor

    • 1.2). Brushed DC motor
  • 1.2.1). Permanent magnet DC motor
  • Rare Earth permanent magnet DC motor
  • DC Ferrite permanent magnet DC motor
  • Aluminium Nickel-cobalt permanent magnet DC motor
  • 1.2.2). Electromagnetic DC motor
  • DC series motor
  • Shunt DC motor
  • Separately Excited DC motor
  • 2). AC (Alternating Current) motor
  • 2.1). Single-phase motor
  • 2.2). Three-phase motor


According to the application, it can be divided into:

  • Drive motor: Electric tools (including drilling, buffing, polishing, grooving, cutting, reaming and other tools) motor, household appliances(including washing machine, electric fan, refrigerator, air conditioner, tape recorder, video recorder, DCD, vacuum cleaner, camera, hair dryer, electric shaver, etc.) motor, and other general small mechanical equipment (including all kinds of small machine tools, small machinery, medical equipment, electronic instruments, etc.) motor
  • Control motor:
  • Stepping motor
  • Servo motor

Servo Motor


The steering gear is actually a servo motor, just like the rudder shaft control in the model aircraft and other equipment, so these lightweight servo motor is called steering gear.

Servo Motor

Servo Motor refers to the engine that controls the operation of mechanical components in the servo system, it is a kind of indirect speed change device for auxiliary motor.

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