7、Calibration of the robot arm

Introduction of API


Function:When the position is adjusted to zero, there is impalignment of the port of the robot arm, and the wrong joint can be calibrated using this method.

Parameter Description

servo_no:Value range 1~6,represents 6 joint points.


Function: Determines whether the current robot arm is in a writeable state

Return value:1 means writeable, 0 means you can't write, -1 indicates an error.


Function: Set 6 joints to the initial position.

Content of code

from pymycobot.mycobot import MyCobot
from pymycobot import PI_PORT, PI_BAUD  # hen using the Raspberry Pi version of myCobot, you can refer to these two variables for MyCobot initialization

# Initailize a MyCobot object
mc = MyCobot(PI_PORT, PI_BAUD)

# Detect whether the robot arm can burn into the program
if mc.is_controller_connected() != 1:
    print("Connect the robot arm correctly for program writing")

# Fine-tune the robot arm to ensure that all snaps in the adjusted position are aligned
# Based on the alignment of the robot arm port, only a case is given here
mc.send_angles([0, 0, 18, 0, 0, 0], 20)

# Calibrate the position at this time, and the angle position after calibration is represented[0,0,0,0,0,0],The potential value is represented [2048,2048,2048,2048,2048,2048]
# The for loop is equivalent to the set_gripper_ini() method
for i in range(1, 7):

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