Python API of myCobot

这是用于与mycobot进行串行通信并对其进行控制的python API。




Make sure that you flash `Atom`to the top Atom,flash`Transponder`to the Basic.
Firmware`Atom` and `Transponder` Download link:[https]( : [//](
You can also use myStudio to update,download link of myStudio:[https]( : [//](

#### Pip

pip install pymycobot --upgrade --user

Source code

git clone <your-path>
cd <your-path>/pymycobot
# Install
[sudo] python2 install
# or
[sudo] python3 install


from pymycobot.mycobot import mycobot
from pymycobot.mycobot import Angle, Coord
from pymycobot import PI_PORT, PI_BAUD # For raspberry pi version of mycobot.

The demo directory stores some test case files.

You can find out which interfaces pymycobot provides in pymycobot/

Please go to here.

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