Adavanced operation of the robot arm

Case Introduction

Mainly realize that the robot arm intelligent judge the function that the robot arm has already arrived the specified position, based on this function, simply let the robot arm repeat two arrival instructions.

  • Firstly use if do module to judge if the robot arm is powered, if not, you should power the robot arm. Output the current angle node information.
  • Transfer the robot arm to zero. Define angles variable. Use the repeated method in the creation of list type data to assign zero node information to angles. Define limit_time to determine if the movement times out.
  • Pass angles into the is in position method to determine whether the robot arm has reached the specified position. Use the repeat module 0.5s per movement to detect whether the robot arm has reached the specified position and time out the timer, and if more than 7s the robot arm has not yet reached the specified position, determine that it has arrived and execute the next instructions.
  • The principle is similiar, so no more explanation


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