Use Instruction of Myblockly

Interfacce introduction


As 1-1 indicates,① represents the Puzzle Toolbar, which contains logical control puzzles, variable settings puzzles, mathematical function puzzles, text type puzzles, and control robot arm method puzzles. ② represents a jigsaw puzzle board, pulls the method module in the puzzle toolbar into the puzzle board, and the method module will appear in the drawing board. ③ represents the code display area, and the method module stitched into the drawing board automatically generates python code in the code display area.

Introduction of save and load

1-2Save and Load

After programming, you can click ①save in the picture1-2 to save, the effect after clicking is shown in the picture1-3.

1-3Save Interface

In particular, it is important to add a suffix .xml when defining a saved file name, otherwise the saved file will not be loaded. Of course, if you accidentally forget to add the suffix.xml. It doesn't matter, just rename the file before loading it and add .xml suffix.

1-4Load Interface

You can click ②Load in the picture1-2 to load the file, the effect after clicking is shown in the picture1-4. The file that is loaded at this time can only be a file with a .xml suffix.

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