Quick Start

Step 1: What’s in the Box

After the packaging box is in place, please confirm that the robot packaging is intact and undamaged. If there is any damage, please contact the logistics company and the local supplier in time.


1 myCobot 280【standard set】

  • myCobot-280
  • Brochure
  • Power Supply
  • USB-Type C
  • Jumper
  • M4*35, stainless steel screw
  • Hexagon wrench

2 Operating Environment and Conditions


Please install the robot system in an environment that meets the conditions described in the table in order to exert and maintain the performance of the machine and use it safely.

Environment Target
Temperature -10℃~45℃
Relative Humidity 20%~70%
Indoor/Outdoor Indoor
Another Environmental Requirement -Avoid sunlight. -Keep away from dust, oily smoke, salt, iron filings, etc. -Keep away from flammable and corrosive liquids and gases. -Do not contact with water. -Does not transmit shock, vibration, etc. -Keep away from strong electromagnetic interference sources.

Step 2: Fix the robot

You can fix the robot by our base, or design your own customized base to fix.

The specific fixation method can refer to the fixation of this机械臂的固定


Step 3: Power Supply

myCobot must use an external power source to provide enough electricity.

  • Rated Voltage: 7-9V
  • Rated Current: 3-5A
  • The type of plug: DC 5.5mm×2.1

Note: You can’t simply supply with typeC inserted into Basic.

Please use the official power supply to avoid damage to myCobot.

Step 4: Drag Teaching Demonstration

Before Recording:

After entering the recording mode, select the recording storage location

  • Button A: Store to Ram
  • Button B: Store to Memory Card
  • Button C: Exit the Recording Mode

Start Recording:

Click record and select the storage location, then manually drag the robotic arm to complete your target action and remeber to save it, the action will be recorded and stored .

Note: The default recording time is 100s.If the recording time is too long that will exceed the memory, you can customize it by modifying the code, or record it on the computer.


Click Button A to play the recored action

  • Button A: Start Playing the Recorded Action
  • Button B: Pause
  • Button C: Exit Playback

Open source code: The code above is open, named MainControl, you can download and customize the code via github, refer to the link below:


Video Tutorials: https://youtu.be/WzrbOrdQop0

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