Use cases

mycobot can be used for both personal learning applications and educational applications.


Personal Applications

Leisure & entertainment
dance with rhythm, play an instrument, take pictures and video, write painting, play games and so on

Intelligent furniture
remote control of myCobot to grab and carry objects with gripper and suction pump, such as mixing coffee, grabing bread, etc.

Teaching AIDS
simulating the teaching of industrial robot, K12 teaching through entertainment experience, cost-effective research laboratory assistant

Scientific and technological equipment
carry AGV car to realize automatic navigation and handling, combined with vision to do infrared thermal imager, face tracking, etc.

Commercial Exhibition
cooperate with other products to do commercial scene demonstration


Educational Applications

1 Maker Education /K12 Education

  • Learning Platform: myCobot + Arduino/ROS + UIFlow
  • Learning Purpose: independent development, creative learning
  • Corresponding Suit: basic suit


2 Artificial Intelligence Course

  • Learning Platform: myCobot + StickV camera
  • Learning Purpose: robot algorithm, visual recognition algorithm
  • Corresponding Suit: artificial intelligence suit
  • Suit Content: visual system, feeding table


3 Vocational Education/Higher Education

  • Learning platform: myCobot + RoboFlow
  • Learning Purpose: robot algorithm, robot movement, robot simulation
  • Corresponding Suit: artificial intelligence suit
  • Suit Content: visual system, conveyor belt, feeding table, material block

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