Reading Instruction


Reading Objectives

Gitbook is designed to help you to achieve goals

Major Goals

  • Understand the basic use of mechanics, electronics and software related to myCobot
  • Understand the basic principle, joints, coordinates, terms, control of mechanical arm, and master simple forward and inverse kinematics calculations
  • Understand the basic operation of API, uiFlow Visual Programming
  • Have all skills to complete the intelligent warehouse suit, and can use myCobot for simple waypoint movement, handling, control, etc.

Extended Goals

  • Understand the image recognition algorithms related to machine vision
  • Understand the construction of robot visual scene and the coordination methods and strategies between vision and manipulator
  • Have all skills to complete the AI suit

Your Knowledge Level

Gitbook needs to be read according to your actual learning level and knowledge background. We divide them into three levels:

Level Learning Background Skills and Qualifications Requires Estimated Learning Time Suggested Development Platform
Freshman Major in Information, Electronics, Mechanical, Automation Have a knowledge of programming languages Basic knowledge of electronics 100h uiFlow
Superior Knowledge of Arduino or other similar hardware products
Knowledge of steering gear and programming
Knowledge of IO interface, etc.
Know how to debug API
interface Have a knowledge of communication
50h Arduino
Professional Experience with at least one kind of industrial robot or consumer robot
Ability to develop hardware and software
Understand the Cartesian coordinates
Understand joint control
Understand the basic use of robots
30h all

Learning Schedule

NO Target Theory Practice Hour
1 Unboxing 1.track recording & learn by hand 1.accessories of myCobot myCobot to track recording
2 Background Knowledge Learning 1.application background of industrial robot
2.learning of coordinate and space, cartesian 3d coordinate and rotation, xyz
3.joint and coordinate control of industrial robot
1.joint control and reproduction
2.speed control
3.coordinate point position control and circulation
3 Hardware Learning 1.principle and operation of embedded electronics
2.principles of steering gear and motor 3.actuator learning
1.control and drive of basic/atom and motion of steering gear of robot accessories
4 Software: Firmware and Updates 1.identify different software platforms and its purposes for use 2.principles of firmware loading and adaptation 1. choose the platform that works for you and update the firmware
5 Software: Development Environment 1.building of arduino
2.library file download and update of arduino
3. have a knowledge of serial communication familiar with arduino
2.load the library
3.program and run the first line of code
6 Learning and Development of Robot Library 1.basic communication and operation types of robots
2.common operation of robot 3.control of direction mode and coordinate mode
1.communicate with myCobot 2.control myCobot to move
3.operate I0 port, gripper and other signals
7 uiFlow 1.understand the basic architecture and relationships of visual programming interface: sensors, actuators and processes
2.variables, loops, and judgments
3.control method of manipulator arm
1.displays different fonts in basic
2.make myCobot move in different positions according to the three buttons of basic
3.control myCobot to cycle multiple points
8 roboFlow 1.learning of common industrial operating system for robots
2.common modules of roboFlow : point position, fast movement,IO control and input
3.advanced modules of roboFlow : looping, judging, and pallet procedures
1.control the movement of myCobot
2.basic control of IO input and output
3.cycle control and judgment
9 Intelligent Warehouse 1.learning of robot point motion 2.rules for the placement of pallets 3.principle of end-effector control 1.operate the robot to move at different points 2.operate the robot to grab and place 3.control and recognition of gripper 10h
10 Algorithm about Image Recognition 1.introduction to the visual sensor of stickV
2.introduction and programming environment of maixpy
3.methods and strategies of common color recognition
4.methods and strategies of common shape recognition
5.methods and strategies of common area identification
6.json data transfer virtualbox environment different colors
3.recognition of different shapes transfer and reading in uiFlow
11 Vision and Robotics Control 1.correlation of world and camera coordinates
2.standardization of qr code image
3. movement and correction
1.operate myCobot to camera coordinate system
2.the motion of myCobot in the camera coordinate system and setting
12 Artificial Intelligence 1. learn and make the flow chart
2. learn and make electrical connection diagram
3. description and operation of shape classification
1.sensor connection
2.connection and drive of gripper
3.robot actuator & joint debugging of uiFlow

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Service Support

If the above schdule cannot meet your needs, you can contact the custom service for further communication. We provide software and hardware customization service.

We will answer you as soon as possible ( working day 9:30-18:30)

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