myCobot Introduction


1 Design Background

Upholding the mission of “Enjoy Robots World”, Elephant Robotics designed and developed myCobot, the world’s smallest and lightest collaborative robot, retaining most functions of industrial robots. With compact and elegant industrial design, excellent and powerful performance, and huge software and hardware development space, myCobot has unlimited possibilities in applications.

The design prototype of myCobot is from All-in-one Robot launched by Elephant Robot in China in 2018. As the first all-in-one collaborative robot in China, it has won “2019 CAIMRS Industrial Robot Innovation Award” and 2019 High-tech Robot Annual “Innovation Technology Award”, and has been sold to more than 30 countries at home and abroad, receiving unanimous praise and recognition from the world’s top 500 enterprises.


2 Introduction

myCobot is the world's smallest and lightest six-axis collaborative robot, jointly produced by Elephant Robotics and M5STACK. It is more than a productivity tool full of imaginations, can carry on the secondary development according to the demands of users to achieve personalized customization.

With a weight of 850g, a payload of 250g and an arm length of 350mm, myCobot is compact but powerful, can not only be matched with a variety of end effectors to adapt to different kinds of application scenarios also support the secondary development of multi-platforms software to meet the needs of various scenarios such as scientific research and education, smart home, and commercial applications.



3 Framework


4 Parameters

表1: myCobot 280 Product Parameters

Parameter Data
Model myCobot-280
Working radius 280mm
Payload 250g
Arm Span 350mm
Repeatability ±0.5mm
Weight 850g
Power input 8V,5A
Working Conditon -5°~45°
Communication USB Type-C


5 Accessories

  • myCobot
  • End Effectors
    • Parallel Gripper
    • Adaptive Gripper
    • Angled Gripper
    • Suction Pump
  • Base
    • G Base
    • Flap Base
  • Others
    • Rocker
    • Battery Case

6 Features

  • Unique Industrial Design & Extremely Compact
    myCobot is an integrated modular design and only weighs 850g which is very easy to carry. Its overall body structure is compact with less spare parts and can be quickly disassembled and replaced to realize plug and play.
  • High configuration & Equipped with 2 Screens
    myCobot contains 6 high-performance servo motors with fast response, small inertia and smooth rotation, and carries 2 screens supporting fastLED library to show the expanded application scene more easily and clearly.
  • Lego Connector & Thousands of M5STACK Ecological Application
    The base and end of myCobot are equipped with Lego Connector, which is suitable for the development of various miniature embedded equipment. Its base is controlled by M5STACK Basic, and thousands of application cases can be use directly.
  • Bloky Programming & Supporting Industrial ROS
    Using UIFlow visual programming software, programming myCobot is simple and easy for everyone. You can also Arduino, ROS, or other multiple functional modules of open source system, even RoboFlow, software of industrial robots from Elephant Robotics.
  • Track Recording & Learn by hand
    Get rid of the traditional point saving mode, myCobot supports drag teaching to record the saved track and can save up to 60mins different tracks making it easy and fun for new players to learn.


7 Patents

myCobot is protected by patents

NO. Patent Name Patent No.
1 Collaborative robotic arm 2020030683471.3
2 Mechanical arm linkage and mechanical arm CN 208196791 U
3 Mechanical arm joint connector and mechanical arm CN 208196840 U
4 Method and system for robot posture maintaining, dragging and teaching ZL 2018 1 1634649.3
5 A robot online collision detection method and system based on momentum model ZL 2019 1 0030748.9
6 A Kind of Robot Dynamic Parameter Identification Method Independent of Joint Angular Acceleration ZL 2019 1 0773865.4


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